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Customer Experience Manager

The Customer Experience (CX) Manager's role is to mentor, train and lead the Customer Experience team, who are the faces of Core Collective. Core Collective is not just a fitness or wellness business, it is a hospitality business at its core, and thus a high level of customer excellence should be achieved.

About Core Collective: 

Since our launch in 2018, Core Collective has propelled the professional growth of hundreds of fitness and wellness practitioners and business owners, by providing a convenient and cost-effective plug-and-play solution at our four centres of excellence at Anson Road, Dempsey, Katong and Sentosa.

Core Collective aims to build global fitness, wellness and lifestyle hubs that are centres of excellence and home to a diverse community of top professionals, fostering collaboration for healthier and happier lives.

What We're Looking For:

As Core Collective grows, we are looking for a Customer Experience Manager to join the team.

Our Customer Experience (CX) Manager will manage and monitor Core Collective's CX department to ensure optimized interactions between the business, our Residents and our Members. He/she will spearhead the strategic direction, talent management and operational aspects of the CX Team to achieve the customer excellence standards vision of Core Collective.

  • Member Net Promoter Score (NPS) target of above 55% 

  • Resident NPS target of above 50%

Each customer experience team member should be well-versed in Core Collective’s customer service standards.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Talent Management 

    • You will be managing the largest department with teams spread across different locations. Each location will have a Location Head and a team of CX Executives.

    • You will be responsible for hiring and training the CX personnel.

    • You will be working directly with each Location Head of each Core Collective to provide leadership and guidance.

    • Perform 1:1 check-ins with the CX team to review work performance and identify any obstacles and/or opportunities that they may be facing. This would include but is not limited to quarterly appraisals.

  • Operational Management

    • Ensure that the scheduling of manpower is optimised to ensure that operations in each Core Collective outlet are not disrupted.

    • Ensure that all feedback is addressed promptly. This is not limited to working with other departments to close the loop on the feedback.

    • Management of retail inventory at each outlet.

    • Ensure that Core Collective’s regulations and terms of use of the space are respected and adhered to by Residents and Members.

    • End-of-day sales records are accurate and reconciled.

  • Performance Management

  • Defining and tracking success metrics related to the overall customer experience of our Residents and Members.

  • Creation and execution of Core Collective’s Customer Experience Playbook and a structured training plan.

  • Creation, implementation and continuous improvement of any Standard Operating Processes to achieve the Success Metrics as the business needs changes.

  • Collect, analyse, and interpret customer interaction data to identify requirements and information useful in optimizing the customer experience.

  • Develop programs effective for improved customer experience. This may include working with other departments to develop initiatives.

  • Develop strategies/ initiatives to improve retail sales at each outlet.

  • Budget Management

    • Manage the budgets allocated to the Customer Experience department. 

    • Work closely with the Operations department to optimise Cost of Sales and Opex costs.

Who You Are

  • At least 3 years of experience in customer service

  • Have been in a supervisory or managerial role with experience leading a team.

  • To be successful, you should have strong interpersonal relationship-building skills, leadership, prioritisation and communication skills.

  • You have a natural tendency to be curious, positive and creative.

  • You have a 360 view of business and can consider the implications to the customer experience holistically should there be any changes to the business needs.

  •  Ability to work collaboratively in a cross-functional team

  • Have an aptitude to anticipate any changes

  • Ability to maintain a keen attention to detail, multitask and work well under pressure

  • High level of strategic and forward-thinking

  • Excellent stakeholder engagement and communication skills

  • You have an intermediate to advanced command of both written and spoken English language to manage difficult and escalated customer experience situations effectively.

Our Vision

To transform Core Collective from a local fitness & wellness business into leading global fitness, wellness and lifestyle hubs that are centres of excellence and home to a diverse community of top professionals, fostering collaboration for healthier and happier lives.

We achieve our vision by:

  1. Building fitness and wellness hubs that are centres of excellence in the industry 

  2. Filling our space with the best fitness and wellness professionals 

  3. Providing the best platform and support services to help our professionals grow 

  4. Fostering collaboration across disciplines for healthier and happier lives

Our values 

Care (from the Heart)

  • Show genuine care and compassion for our team, customers, community, company

  • Do things because we care and not because we have to

  • Proactiveness to help others (team-mates/stakeholders)


  • Consistently producing work that wows / impresses / delights your teammates and customers

  • Going above and beyond everything that we do

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Exceptional professionalism


  • Treat it like your own business

  • Owning up to your mistakes and actively solving the mistakes

  • Deliver on your promises to your teammates and stakeholders

  • Do what needs to get done


  • Always doing the right thing

  • Keeping to our word

  • Having each other’s back

  • Open and effective 2-way communication (both good and bad)

  • Treat others fairly with mutual respect 


  • Actively seek learning and able to adapt to new situations

  • Able to work with people from various backgrounds, cultures and seniority


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