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About Candice

Candice provides her sessions in English & French languages.

Mind training is Candice's passion and her career, which makes her love what she does and continuously learn about the fascinating human mind capabilities. As such, she holds herself to higher standards within the industry.

Her mission is to assist people like you through the use of proven and powerful techniques to train your mind to let go of your hurdles and old unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, empower your mindset, and develop your true potential. As a result, you will be able to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to create the changes needed to live the life you want and deserve.

Candice first experienced the power of mind training and hypnotherapy during her pregnancies, while preparing to give birth naturally to her two children in birth centres in Switzerland. She wanted to understand and feel connected to her body and mind to experience the most empowering and beautiful birth she envisioned. She then used the tools she had learned to move through life challenges such as grief and other impactful life changes.

It was, therefore all natural for her to embark on the journey to become a mind trainer, starting with becoming a hypnobirthing educator. She now holds qualifications as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Inner Child Integration Therapist, Life and Success Coach, Counsellor, and NLP Master Practitioner.

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