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About Bossi Face

Bossi Face provides an array of beauty treatments and carries a range of beauty products from Europe. They also hold the distributorship of (CRYO) by Dr Bontemps.

Founder of Bossi Face, Ginco, enjoys connecting people from different walks of life through self-appreciation and beauty, and sharing her best aesthetics and beauty tips with her clients.

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Ginco Toh

Since 1997, Ginco Toh has been inspiring millions around the globe to find their inner beauty and enhance it in their own unique way. 

Growing up, she enjoyed putting makeup on, however, her lack of knowledge at the time resulted in the use of wrong and unsuitable products which caused her bad acne. During that time she didn’t have the money for facial treatments and developed a fear of going to school as most of her schoolmates would mock her skin condition. 

In 2000, she stepped out her first job as a staff at a retail store to gain some sales experience. 6 months later, she saw a job opening at Adonis beauty. She was guided by her superior and taught how to treat her skin condition.

Following this, she gathered up years of experience working with big aesthetic companies such as Citispa, and professionals in the industry such as Dr. Kelvin Chua of Skinlab The Medical Spa. Through this she gained knowledge on beauty and aesthetics which she now shares through her business, Bossi Face.