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Making Exercise Irresistible, with Pete Banbury and Haydn Parry - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast

Learn How To Use Emotional Mind Hacks In Order To Become A Better Trainer, With Pete Cohen - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast

People see a hairdresser to style their hair; a dentist to inspect their teeth; a chiropractor to help with their back. So when it comes to physical fitness, why do people think they can do it on their own?

Even when it comes to people who are serious about getting in shape, they are often reluctant to sign on with a personal trainer. Is that a problem with the public’s attitude, or with personal trainers in general?

On this special episode of the PT COREntrepeneur podcast, two guests share their progressive approach to heal that divide and get everyone–trainers and clients alike–to think differently about personal training.

“It's all about the experience. If a personal trainer spends an hour with a client, the client will probably not remember every exercise that they've been through; but they will definitely remember how they felt at the end of that session...It's not what people think, it's how you make people feel.”

- Hadyn Parry

About Pete Banbury and Hadyn Parry

Pete and Hadyn are respectively CEO and director of HPT5. Founded in 2016, HPT5 offers innovative programs that help personal trainers, gym owners, and managers prepare for the future of the fitness industry.

Their foundational Specialist Programme combines instruction in body mapping, functional biomechanics, and injury management. Their combined experience in professional fitness and team management, along with a shared passion for education, is creating a new breed of personal trainer: one that makes exercise irresistible. Learn more about HPT5 on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Show Highlights

  • How HPT5’s programs encourage trainers to think differently about their work
  • Why a thorough and hands-on knowledge of biomechanics is a must for trainers.
  • Why trainers need to orient themselves towards an aging public.
  • Understanding injury management, and why therapy and fitness are inseparable.
  • How inspiring others comes not from lecturing, but by asking the right questions.
  • “Your value is not in programming.” Why trainers need to focus on cultivating client experiences.

“This is a health brief; it’s not a fitness, big biceps, big abs kind of message. I feel that at the moment, the fitness industry is missing the mark and it needs to get it’s act together...We need to stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about the millions of people out there who can do with our help. So, that’s why I set up HPT5, to reach those people.”

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