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landing page

Every business wants and needs more customers for it to continue to run successfully and grow. Customer acquisition can be done through various means and one of them is through landing pages. In order to maximise conversion rates of your landing pages, you need to have a solid understanding of what landing pages are, why we might incorporate them into our digital marketing strategy and how to optimise them. 

What is a landing page? 

A landing page is a standalone web page specially designed to generate sales or capture leads. Visitors stumble upon landing pages and the ultimate objective for marketers or business owners, are for these visitors who land on the page to follow through with the Call to Action (CTA). 

A CTA is any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. 

The effectiveness of landing pages can be measured by its conversion rates and improving conversion rates can lead to significant improvements in your business’ results.

Optimising a landing page works towards achieving the highest possible conversion rate from the visitors who land on your landing page. It’s worth investing your time and effort into landing page optimisation because it helps you:

  • lower your customer acquisition costs
  • acquire more clients 
  • maximize the value of your spending

Today we share with you some simple but effective ways that can help you optimise your landing page for increased conversions. 

Have a clear message 

Even in an image- and video-focused day and age, text still matters. In optimising your landing page, you should ensure that whatever you’re writing resonates with your target audience.  


When designing your landing page and writing the header for it, ensure that it is catchy. Use contrasting colours for your headers so that it really stands out and can also be easily read. Avoid putting text over noisy backgrounds or images that could be distracting or make text difficult to read. 


Your header, as well as the rest of the copy for your page, should be clear in articulating what it is that you are selling and why people should take action on your page. You should ensure that your page also states the benefits of what you’re offering and how will it help reduce pain points for your target audience.

Determine a good length for your copy 

People have short attention spans and this is something you need to keep in mind when writing the copy for your landing page. While you should try to keep your copy as concise as possible, you shouldn’t focus too much on keeping it so short that you risk missing out necessary information. 

A better way to determine the length of your copy is based on the old adage: keep your copy as long as it needs to be, and no longer!

Include testimonials

The most persuasive sales messages don’t come from sales representatives or business owners. They come from other satisfied customers. 

People, by nature, are skeptics. Before pulling out a credit card to pay for any product or service, they will want to know that a business or product is trustworthy and credible. 


Testimonials allow your existing customers to do the job of addressing the many objections and doubts that fill the mind of your prospective clients. This is called social proofing. This is also exactly why it helps to include testimonials somewhere on your landing page in order to build credibility and trust with people who come across it. 

Include an effective CTA 

As defined in the introduction of this article, a CTA is any device designed to prompt a response or encourage an immediate sale. CTA's are a chance to motivate your audience to take real steps to become a customer of your business. This makes it arguably one of the most important features on your page. 

Because the CTA is so crucial, you want to make sure that the button for it is easily identifiable and can be located easily on your page. Your button should be large enough to be noticed, but small enough so it’s modest and not too aggressively pushy. 


TIP: If you have a longer landing page, you can consider including a scrolling CTA that moves along with your visitor as they journey through your page. This encourages clicks as the visitors can click to convert at any point in time during their time on your landing page without having to actively scroll and search for your CTA button.

If your conversion goal is through a form, you should keep in mind that your lead abandon rate will increase the longer the process of filling out that form. When gathering data from leads through a form, you should try to reduce the number of fields they need to fill out as much as possible. You can do this by only asking for vital information that is required to contact them for any follow-ups. 

Consistently review and test your page 

Finally, remember that there’s never a perfect landing page. Consistently tracking and implementing changes on your landing page on a consistent basis (perhaps once a month at least) is a good way for you to identify what works well for your business! 

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