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As fitness and wellness enthusiasts here at Core Collective, we love learning more about the more unusual types of therapies and healing modalities out there. 

When we first heard about sound healing, most of us knew very little to nothing about it. But to be able to heal both our physical and emotional health simply through the exposure to specific sounds and music seemed fascinating, so we approached Going Prakriti <https://www.goingprakriti.com/>’s holistic practitioner and professional at Core Collective, Kaka Singh, to tell us more about it! 

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body and mind. It's one of the oldest forms of healing known to humankind and its intention is to bring clients into a state of harmony and health. 

Who can benefit from sound healing and what are its health benefits? 

There’s no specific or particular type of person who would benefit from sound healing. Individuals from all walks of life will be able to unearth some sort of fulfilment from it, whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. 

The benefits of sound healing are vast and they include: 


• Deep relaxation and muscle regeneration
Pain relief for joints, muscles, sciatica, headaches and migraines, shoulders and neck
• Improved blood circulation
• Better digestion 
• Elimination of toxins from the body
• Boosted immune system

Mental & Emotional 

• Relaxed mind
• Mental and emotional tensions and blockages are eased
• Inner feelings are activated and released
• More energy and strength in everyday life
• Alleviated mental or emotional pain
• Improved self-confidence, boosted creative and potential productivity 


• A positive feeling of self
• Better balance and harmony
• Experiences of bliss
• Cleansing of chakras (energetic centres)
• Boosted energy
• The way for more intense and higher vibration of love is opened 

What does a session of sound healing with you look like? Is there a similar process for everyone or is it completely unique to each individual? 

The process through a session of sound healing is unique for each individual depending on their purpose, goal and intention for coming to me. 


Typically, however, I may either place a few Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls around or on the client, or a combination of both. 

For many centuries, music and sound have been used as tools to promote healing and inducing an altered state of consciousness. Shamanic Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls are some instruments used for this purpose.

When struck, singing bowls produce very distinctive and immersive sounds with astonishing meditative, relaxation and healing effects. 

Curious as to the phenomenal sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowl? Plug your headphones in and have a go listening to some tracks in Spotify’s Tibetan Bowls playlist below.


We’ll tell you now, though, there’s nothing quite like fully immersing yourself in a room flooded with the beautiful ringing, and experiencing the wonders of the Tibetan Singing Bowl in real life! 

Come experience the healing benefits of the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl with Going Prakriti and gain insights about yourself holistically. 

Contact Going Prakriti at +65 8774 7599 to schedule a Sound Healing 30-minute trial at just S$32.10.



Going Prakriti is a holistic health and well-being practice. It is built on the knowledge discovered by Robin Sharma; the 4 Interior Empires of Personal Growth & History Makers. Namely Mindset, Heartset, Healthset & Soulset. 

Going Prakriti’s vision is to establish frequencies (sound) and nature (wilderness) as medicine in treating illnesses and mental health issues, and to inspire and empower individuals to attain their highest potential.