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CORExperience is an article series of short interviews with the professionals at Core Collective about their experience trying out another professional’s fitness or wellness service.

They’re written and published to provide you with a better idea of what certain services are like, or help you make a decision on whether you’d like to try it out too. 

To kick off our first CORExperience article series, we’re sharing Reiki practitioner Stephanie Schueller’s experience of a Sound Therapy session with Kaka Singh from Going Prakriti. 

unnamed-1-1Going Prakriti Holistic Practitioner Kaka Singh (left) and Reiki Practitioner Stephanie Schueller (right) 

Sound Therapy is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body and mind. It's one of the oldest forms of healing known to humankind and its intention is to bring clients into a state of harmony and health. 

Was this your first time experiencing a service of this sort? 

Yes, it was my first time to experience Sound Healing with Ancient Singing Bowls, but since I’m a Reiki practitioner, and Sound Therapy and Reiki work on similar principles of energy, I was really interested to see what effect it would have on me.

Were you experiencing any pain points, discomfort or other issues before trying out this service that you were looking to address? 

I’m quite a busy person (both body and mind) and being calm doesn’t come easy to me so going into Kaka’s session, I was mostly looking to de-stress. I also don’t usually have much time for myself, so this session was really aimed at providing myself with some “me-time”

What was the session like and what did you enjoy the most about it?

Throughout the session, I was lying on the floor surrounded by different sized singing bowls. During the session Kaka would gently strike and play the singing bowls around different areas of my body.

Her wisdom led her to treat my heart whereby the bowls were placed on my chest, and the sound the bowls released were absorbed by my body, promoting a wonderful healing process. I really enjoyed listening to the vibrating and ringing sounds of singing bowls - they’re very calming! 

Coming out of the session, I realised I achieved what I went in for as during the session felt more grounded and started to relax and it was a great way to treat myself.

What was the most surprising or unexpected part of the session and why?

I didn’t mention very much about myself or my life before the session, however Kaka managed to pick up on areas that I needed to work on and the accuracy of the feedback I received from her was quite surprising. 

I noticed that she also picked up some of my personality traits which meant she could provide me with  great recommendations and advice on what I could work on in order to live and feel calmer.

How did you feel immediately after the session was over?

Interestingly, I was incredibly thirsty for the rest of the day! Kaka advised me to drink plenty of water as my body would be experiencing a detox after the session. I also experienced some headache that day, which was probably due to the dehydration. 

Besides this, however, I was overall thinking lots more positive thoughts. In the days following my treatment, I also noticed that my digestive system had improved and that must have been as a result of the detoxification.

Overall, I’d recommend Sound Therapy to anyone who is interested in alternative healing modalities.

Experience the healing benefits of the Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl for yourself.

Call or WhatsApp +65 8774 7599 to book a 30-minute Sound Healing trial session at Core Collective.

Going Prakriti 


Going Prakriti is a holistic health and well-being practice. It is built on the knowledge discovered by Robin Sharma; the 4 Interior Empires of Personal Growth & History Makers. Namely Mindset, Heartset, Healthset & Soulset.