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6 Ways Yoga and Barre Can Give Mums-To-Be a Happier & Healthier Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but having a bun in the oven also challenges many mums with inconveniences and aches, making it (for some) an emotional rollercoaster! Being such a momentous period of life, your pregnancy should be savoured. Even with the major upheavals of pregnancy, there are many ways that pregnancy can be a time filled with happiness, good health and fun - one of them being keeping yourself involved in activities that will keep you feeling happy and healthy - like yoga and barre! 

Here are 6 ways that yoga and barre can give mums-to-be a happier and healthier pregnancy! 


Yoga for a happier & healthier pregnancy 

1. Many prenatal yoga poses are known to create an optimal fetal position

Optimal fetal positioning encourages the baby to move into the optimal position for labour and birth. As a result, moving the baby into this position may contribute to a shorter, safer and easier labour experience for both mum and baby! 

2. Creates excellent mind and body awareness and connection

For some mums, pregnancy and motherhood can be emotionally and physically taxing. Engaging in yogic breathing techniques can help you feel more aware of your thoughts and emotions helping you to feel more at peace. Simple and safe breathing exercises are also taught to calm and prepare your body and mind for the type of breathing that will be necessary during your contractions. This aids with smoother labour and delivery. 

3. Maintain supple and healthy joints and ligaments 

Taking good care of your joints and ligaments is especially advantageous throughout pregnancy as it helps to alleviate lower back pain and shoulder stiffness which are common symptoms for pregnant women. 

Barre for a happier & healthier pregnancy 

4. Keeps you and the baby safe while keeping you in shape 

Barre is a low-impact exercise that allows mums to stay safely active throughout pregnancy. Unlike many other forms of exercises which may not be as safe on the joints, barre is an excellent way to build strength or maintain muscle tone without putting extra strain on those joints which are already bearing the weight of your growing baby! 

5. Connect with other mums in the community 

Attending your neighbourhood barre class creates the wonderful opportunity of getting to know other mummies and mums-to-be in the neighbourhood. Workouts are always more fun when you get to meet and connect with new, like-minded mums who are experiencing the same joys and struggles as you! 

6. It’s a fun and empowering exercise for everyone 

Every barre class is taught to the beat of the music-making it a fun way to dance and get a good workout in at the same time! 

Get started with Yoga Lab & Barre Lab 

Yoga and barre are great ways to maintain a healthy fitness level and create optimal balance during pregnancy, however, like when doing any other activity during your pregnancy, it’s important to keep you and your baby safe at all times. The team at Yoga Lab and Barre Lab encourage mothers looking to start yoga or barre to do so only after their first trimester and getting doctor's approval. 


While both yoga and barre are completely safe to do throughout pregnancy, expecting mothers should make use of modification options for certain poses in yoga to ensure utmost comfort throughout the practice. Closed twists, core activation and anything that involves pressing the belly down on the floor are discouraged. 

In barre, leaps and jumps are not recommended for mums during any stage of their pregnancy. Taking a shorter stance, more rests in between exercises and kicking less are, however, highly encouraged! 

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