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With such a vast array of different types of bread lining supermarket store shelves and bakeries, it can be an overwhelming process trying to decide which is best for your family’s enjoyment and health.

Despite often having a bad rap and being characterized as ‘unhealthy’ and ‘fattening’, research has suggested that making smart choices about the type of bread you eat can actually propose a number of health benefits, and in fact, optimize your diet!

Now, for the love of yourself as well as that of your family, you may be wondering what kind of bread you should be picking out. We've got you covered as global baker and founder of Baker & Cook, Dean Brettschneider, shares his recommendations for healthy options of bread that you can opt for! 

With its high levels of iron, calcium, potassium, zinc and vitamin E, Rye flour packs a nutritional punch, making it a much healthier choice than many other types of bread!

Relatively low in calories and containing high levels of bran and fibre, the inclusion of rye in your diet plan is perfect for those looking to lose weight. A study found that participants who ate rye bread expressed decreased hunger and desire to eat for longer periods of time. As a metabolic booster, not only does bread made from this magical grass keep you from putting on unwanted weight, but also helps you lose it!

Rye also fights diabetes, promotes heart health, fights asthma, prevents several kinds of cancers and is great for skeletal health!

You may try Baker & Cook’s Bavarian Rye and Danish Rye bread.

Spelt is a variety of wheat that has not been tampered with or crossed with other varieties making it a pure, and nutritious option for baking bread. It contains more vitamins and minerals than other breads and is especially rich in B vitamins and vitamin E. Lower in gluten and high in fiber content, Spelt breads are more digestible than other more common wheat and are also a great alternative for those who are looking to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

Spelt is also high in tryptophan, an element that contributes to our emotional and mental wellbeing. Due to the high content of this element in Spelt, loaves made from Spelt are believed to lighten mood and encourage a more relaxed state of body and mind.

You may try Baker & Cook’s 100% Spelt Sourdough Loaf.


Barley is versatile grain with a slightly nutty flavour that can be used to complement many different types of foods - including bread. Barley is a super healthy grain that doesn’t get nearly enough credit that it deserves! Barley grains have a low glycaemic index making it great at assisting blood glucose control.

Similarly to various other healthy bread options, Barley is high in fiber content. Something particularly notable in bread made with Barley, however, is the level of insoluble fibers found in it. Unlike soluble fiber, insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water. As a result, this adds bulk to stool and accelerates intestinal movement, making loaves of bread of this grain a great remedy for individuals experiencing constipation or other symptoms of gut disorders!

You may try Baker & Cook’s 6 Seed & Grain Loaf.

You may know rice as a staple food used abundantly in kitchens all across the world. This grain, when used as a flour, can create a super healthy bread alternative!

Many opt to stick to a gluten-free diet in hopes of losing weight or boosting their health, however for some (particularly those who suffer from gluten intolerances or celiac disease), eating gluten-free isn’t a choice. Free from gluten, bread made with rice flour is safe to consume for everyone!

Rice flour also contains choline, an essential nutrient that is involved in many bodily processes making it a requirement for maintaining optimal health. One of the roles of choline is to transport cholesterol and triglycerides from the liver to wherever they are needed within the body. Because of this, consuming foods containing this nutrient, such as bread made with rice flour, is a great way to maintain a healthy liver.

You may try Baker & Cook’s Gluten-Free Bread.

Sprouted Grain
Sprouted grains are made by soaking whole-grain seeds in water until they begin to grow a sprout. The growing environment, including the water temperature, room temperature and the time the grains are allowed to sprout, is carefully controlled. During the sprouting process, natural enzymes are released which breaks down protein and carbs making the sprouted grain low glycaemic and easier to digest. Glycaemic index is also a measure of how quickly a food raises your blood sugar, so sprouted grain bread is a great option for people with diabetes or high blood sugar.

Some traditional grain breads are harder to digest, and as a result during the digestion process the body will lose a great portion of the nutrients. Sprouted grain breads are high in important nutrients such as protein, fiber, B vitamins and Vitamin C. Additionally, sprouted grain breads provide the body with grains that have already been broken down due to existing enzymes in the living sprouted grains, so nutrients are absorbed immediately into the body and significantly less nutrients are lost in the digestive process!


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