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If you’ve ever attended a Pilates Matwork with Props class, you're probably pretty familiar with props such as magic circles, Thera bands, foam rollers, mini balls, Bosu balls and barres.

Ever wondered why these props are used and how they contribute to enhancing your workout? In this article, the team at Advantage Pilates share 4 benefits of pilates props! 

1. Brings awareness to proper alignment during movement 

Introducing props helps the body better respond to tactile feedback provided by the particular tool being used. 

Performing standing squats and pelvic curls with a magic circle between the thighs right above the knees is an example that illustrates the use of a prop for this purpose. 

Standing squats with magic circle 

Pelvic curls with magic circle 

For these exercises, the Magic Circle brings the knees into proper alignment as the inner thighs actively squeeze on the pilates ring, The resistance provided also encourages bodyweight to be distributed evenly to the balls and heels, bringing the feet and legs into better alignment too. 

2. Activates dormant muscles 

Many of us lead lifestyles whereby we spend the majority of our days sitting behind a desk for prolonged periods of time. This can cause certain muscles to become weakened or inactive, so especially for those of you whom this applies, props can help ensure that you are engaging the right muscles rather than compensating with the use of others. 

The use of a mini ball under the upper back during chest lifts, for example, helps to relax the front of the chest before working on the core to ensure that the core muscles fire up. 

Chest lift with mini ball 

3. Provides assistance and trains you to do movements more effectively 

Some pilates moves can be quite challenging or too taxing particularly for individuals who haven't yet built up strength in certain areas of the body.

Props are great to incorporate into a matwork programme to facilitate the execution of these difficult exercises, and ensure that they're being performed effectively and safely as strength is built over time. 

For example, those who lack the abdominal strength to maintain a comfortable lifted head throughout the hundred exercise can prop a pilates mini ball beneath their upper back.

The hundred with mini ball 

This assists in the movement by elevating the starting position of the head, prevents straining of the neck and teaches the body to hinge from the chest instead of pulling on the neck. 

4. Provides variation for a more challenging workout 

While props can provide the assistance you need to ease certain exercises, they can also be used to spice up your regular routines and make movements more challenging. 

With the use of props, you have the ability to manipulate certain movements impacting factors such as variety, unpredictability and imbalance - all of which help the body to perform better and accelerate results in terms of strength, mobility and flexibility. 

Consider a movement such as a pilates push up, for example.


The introduction of a Bosu ball requires more stability which increases the intensity of the exercise and further encourages core stability throughout the movement.

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