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As a woman with Brazilian and Italian roots, Flavia di Marco and her friends have always been mindful of their butts! Brazilians are very well known for good looking butts but what most people don’t know is how useful our butts can be to our bodies.

Strong gluteal muscles of the buttocks (or butt), provides plenty of benefits both inside and outside the gym. These benefits include:

  • Improved posture - The muscles in the butt work together to keep the hips, pelvis and core steady. This helps to keep one's torso steady and in line with the pelvis.

  • Injury prevention - There is a correlation between a weak butt and developing injuries or aches and pains. A well-developed butt can prevent injuries ranging from knee to hamstring pains.

  • Increased athletic performance - Having a strong butt will enable one to jump higher, balance for longer, accelerate and decelerate, and make sudden changes of direction when running.

  • Reduction of back pain - The butt heavily influences the movement and positioning of the pelvis and lower spine. Having strong butt muscles can prevent imbalances in the pelvis and hips and reduce instability in the lower spine.

Here are 3 butt exercises that Flavia always recommends to her clients. They are: 

1. Deadlift


The deadlift is an exercise in which someone lifts weights that are not moving, such as weights lying on the floor. This exercise can be performed using dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, or even resistance bands.

Steps to properly execute a Deadlift:

1. Approach the weight

2. Grab the weight, bend your knees

3. Lift your chest, brace your core and pull. 


2. Mini Band Squats


Mini band squats are a great exercise to target the glutes, quadriceps (the front part of your thighs), and hip adductor muscles (the inner part of your thighs).

Steps to properly execute a Mini Band Squat:

1. Place a loop band just above the tops of your knees

2. Lower your hips back and bend your knees into a squat formation and hold the positions

3. Return to a normal position pushing your heels. You should feel the activation of your glutes muscles.


3. Bulgarian Split Squat


This exercise is a lower body exercise that strengthens the muscles of the legs, including your glutes. You can choose to work out using your body weight or any weight you stand carrying without losing your form.

Steps to properly execute a Bulgarian Split Squat:

1. Stand close to a knee-high platform such as a bench at home, or a step at the gym.

2. Extend your left behind you and rest your toes on the bench.

3. Slowly lower your left knee towards the floor.

Keep your torso upright. Go back to the starting position.


Flavia di Marco is a Certified ACE Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with IIN and Stott Pilates instructor with a strong passion for exercise, food, wellness and living a healthy lifestyle.

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Looking to build a strong and well-shaped butt? Contact Flavia to schedule a PT trial and consultation to get started on your fitness journey!


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