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10 xmas gifts ideas

Ho, ho, ho! The most beautiful time of the year is upon us once again, and that only means one thing - panic arises as we think about what gifts we can get for our loved ones! 

We know that a majority of you will have at least one fitness or wellness-obsessed friend (if you work somewhere like Core Collective, there’s certainly more than just one). To spark some inspiration as you search for a gift that’s totally unique to what everyone else will be giving them this festive season, the team at Core Collective have decided to pitch in to share a few out of the ordinary Christmas gift ideas that all fitness and wellness enthusiasts will love!

1. Curate a Motivational Playlist 

According to a study published in the journal Psychology of Sport & Exercise, listening to upbeat, motivational music helped participants tackle high-intensity workouts with better performance. What’s more, participants even reported higher levels of post-exercise enjoyment when they listened to music! 

To show your fitness-obsessed friend how much you care and support their love for fitness, why not curate a motivational playlist that can pump them up for every single workout?

Tip: browse through existing workout playlists available online to discover songs you can add to your curated list.  

2. Fitness/Wellness App Subscription 

There are so many incredible fitness and wellness apps on the market today but unfortunately, many of them tend to be underutilized or used up to the extent of what is freely accessible because people aren’t willing to pay for the subscription fee. 

If your friend has an app that he/she uses religiously, whether it’s a food, workout or sleep tracking app, but are restricted to only the free features of the app, consider sponsoring a subscription! Depending on the app, this, as a gift can be super affordable or a little more pricey. Take advantage of the different subscription plans that most apps will have and either sponsor it on a budget for a few months, or if you’re able and feeling exceptionally generous enough, you can even sponsor them for an annual subscription or in some cases for some apps, for an entire lifetime with just one single fee! 

3. Fitness and Wellbeing Journal 

This is the perfect gift for fitness and wellness lovers who try to stray away from technology, but still has a soft spot for tracking or logging their personal progress or achievements over time. 

We love the Health & Wellbeing journals available at Kikki. K who have a wide range of beautifully designed journals and pads dedicated to tracking everything from food, exercise and sleep, daily thoughts, and goals. 

4. Recovery Care Package 

Recovery is essential for active individuals as it provides the body with an opportunity to heal and muscles to repair, rebuild and strengthen. It also allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues. 

There’s nothing quite like receiving the opportunity to pamper yourself. With so many ways to facilitate recovery, you have lots of options to put together a recovery care package for your fitness-loving friends this Christmas. 


Need ideas for some recovery services to include in your care package gift? Consider NovoTHOR, Sports Massage, Physiotherapy or Chiropractic

5. Treat-Yourself Hamper 

Gather a variety of healthy snacks and sweet treats and drinks, and create a fun, fitness and health-themed treat-yourself hamper! 

At Core Collective, we’ve been loving Yoga Superfuel cookies, Barebells protein bars, Quest Nutrition protein bars, NOCCO BCAA drinks and Snack Guru beef jerky; all available for purchase at Core Collective.

6. Pottery Class 

Besides being a fun pastime activity, pottery has been around for thousands of years as a therapeutic art form. It’s known to provide health benefits not only for the mind, but for the body as well. Pottery is said to reduce stress, enhance mood and help with focusing. 


Pottery also comes with numerous physical benefits such as strengthening the hands, wrists and arms. It also offers health benefits, particularly for those suffering with arthritis in the hands. 

If you know of a friend who has been stressed out and loves being creative, get them a prepaid pottery class! You could even join them and let this be a fun and therapeutic bonding experience for you both.

7. Healthy Meal Plan Subscription 

If you have a friend who is constantly ranting about how they want to eat healthier but don’t have the time to meal prep wholesome and nutritious food everyday, help them out by gifting them with a healthy meal plan delivery!

Whether you’re looking for meals to help you lose weight or build muscle, Nutrition Kitchen have meal plans designed by personal trainers who know what it takes to build desired physiques with their range of incredible tasting, nutritious food that they deliver directly to your door for your convenience! 

8. Gym Membership or Group Class Packages 

Help your friends reach their New Year’s fitness goals by kicking them in the right direction with a gym membership or group class package! 

Whether your friend loves HIIT workouts, Spin, Barre, Boxing, Yoga, Bootcamps or Pilates, there are so many group class fitness studios around. Do some research and see which one will be the best fit for your friend! 

Not sure which type of class works best for your friend? Try an option that lets them access a wide variety of different types of fitness classes with a ClassPass membership or a Core Collective group class package.

9. Massage Gun 

We’ve already highlighted the importance of recovery for active individuals. Massage guns are taking off with people who work out a lot and don’t necessarily have the time to foam roll or get deep-tissue massages. 

Similar to foam rollers, these tools are designed to release areas of tissue that may be stuck of stiff. There are certain pioneering brands that have built a reputation for massage guns in the industry, such as the Theragun and the Hyperice Hypervolt portable massage device. These brands can, however, be quite pricey. If you’re on a budget, but still looking to gift one of these massage guns, there are some less expensive massage guns in the market that do the job too!

10. Christmas Makeover or New Year, New Me Programme 

Christmas is a time for people to create new goals, and prepare themselves to accomplish these new goals in the coming New Year. If you have a friend who is looking to, and is completely determined to become the best version of themselves in the New Year, another gift idea you could curate for them is a Christmas Makeover or New Year, New Me Programme. 

In your package, you can think about including a couple of different fitness and wellness services such as personal training and a nutritionist to create the most optimally effective makeover package for your friend. Need help with this? Reach out to us! 


You could even include some fitness apparel to add to their wardrobe and further motivate them in their fitness journey ahead!

Core Collective wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas! 

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