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About Ben

Having been overweight since childhood, Ben has struggled with his weight and body image for most of his early life. Desperate for change, he explored various methods to achieve a desirable body shape and to be accepted by others

Despite attaining an ideal physique through long hours of marathon running and sheer willpower, Ben realised that it was not sustainable to keep up the exercise load once he entered the workforce - and he gradually regained most of the weight that he had lost.

Ben realised that there is no 'One size fit all' solution/method that fits everyone's needs and goals. Ben concluded that long hours of cardio and extreme dieting is not the solution to keep the weight off permanently. From the moment on, Ben has applied two key principles to his training and personal life:

1) Enjoy the process

2) Love what you do

It was then that he finally reached his goal without the need to spend unnecessarily long hours of hard work. Enlightened by his experience, Ben aspires to be able to share his valuable experience and insight with all of his clients.