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About BeFIT

Welcome to BeFit, your ultimate fitness destination. We’re passionate about helping you unleash your full potential and achieve your fitness goals.

At BeFit, our dedicated personal trainers are here to guide and support you on your journey. We offer personalised training programs tailored to your unique needs, whether you’re a beginner or an athlete looking to push your limits. With expert
guidance, motivation, and accountability, we’ll help you surpass your goals and become the best version of yourself.

In addition to our exceptional personal training, we offer exhilarating boxing classes. Our classes are designed for all skill levels and provide a fun and challenging workout experience.

Learn proper boxing techniques, improve endurance, and join our supportive community of like-minded individuals. To enhance your well-being, we also provide sports massage services. Our licensed therapists are skilled in techniques that
promote muscle recovery, alleviate tension, and help you relax and recharge.

Join us at BeFit and embark on a transformative fitness journey. Let’s make fitness a way of life together. Get ready to push boundaries, exceed expectations, and unlock your true potential.

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Coach Rax 

Coach Rax started his personal training journey at the age of 18. His passion for health and wellness grew after adolescence, leading him to obtain a wealth of professional certifications in personal training, sports nutrition, and natural massage. Alongside these qualifications, he is well-trained in physique competitions and martial arts, creating a well-rounded skill set.

Specialising in lifestyle coaching, Rax’s fitness programs address health, wellness, fat loss, muscle gain, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning for both beginners and professionals, specifically martial arts, boxing and self-defence. What
sets his approach apart by integrating a nutrition-based strategy that allows his clients to achieve their desired physique without sacrificing their favourite foods or spending excessive time at the gym. 

With martial arts, boxing, and self-defence expertise, Rax tailors programs for beginners and professionals, ensuring sessions are effective and enjoyable. Known for exceptional motivational skills, he guides clients at every stage of their fitness journey, emphasising the enjoyment and sustainability of fitness. Whether you're new to fitness or an athlete aiming to elevate performance, Coach Rax is ready to transform your goals into achievements. Dedicated to making fitness enjoyable and sustainable, Rax inspires and guides others on their fitness journeys, emphasising self-care despite life's hectic nature. Connect with Coach Rax on his Instagram and WhatsApp.