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About Avantir Wellness

Avantir Wellness is the only studio in Asia that houses the NovoTHOR Light Therapy Bed.

The NovoTHOR Light Therapy Bed uses PBM Therapy (Photobiomodulation) where red light and near infra-red rays permeate and stimulate right down to the body’s cells, which contribute to how well tissue/muscles/body can work and perform.

PBM Therapy produces anti-inflammatory effects and aids the speed and quality of tissue regeneration and repair. As a result of this, the receiver benefits from rapid recovery, enhanced pain management and a greater ability to perform. 

The NovoTHOR is a simple, efficient and cost-effective treatment for both acute and chronic pain where you only need 20 minutes in the pod to feel its positive effects. Individuals with the following problems have benefitted from NovoTHOR - sports recovery, back and neck pain, fatigue, jet lag, contusions, abrasions, sprains, fractures, ligament injuries, post-surgery rehab for increased flexibility and mobility, plantar fasciitis, oral mucositis and TMD pain. Other benefits include reduction in hair loss, and the production of collagen which improves skin elasticity to slow down the aging process.

The NovoTHOR is currently used in hospitals, private clubs of the NBA, NFL, NHL, Premier Division Football, Nike, MLB and Olympic training facilities.

Find out more about the NovoTHOR on this website or on Facebook or Instagram.