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Ahilya Kaul
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About Ahilya

Ahilya Kaul is an ACE certified personal trainer, professional contemporary dancer and dance instructor, F45 instructor, and certified barre teacher. She grew up in Singapore, earned her Bachelor of Arts training as a dancer at UCLA, furthered her training at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, and went on to dance, choreograph, perform, and teach around the US, Israel, and Singapore. Ahilya also spent years studying a revolutionary movement research language from Israel called Gaga.

She is currently based in Singapore where she is a freelance trainer, dance instructor, performing artist, and writer on health and fitness. Her goal is to motivate and include a wide variety of clients, from beginners to experienced movers, and help clients find strength, confidence, and newfound body awareness while achieving their goals.

Ahilya’s past experience allows her to break down exercises with clarity, keep workouts fresh with variety, and make information about form and balance accessible to clients. This enables them to gain the most out of their workouts, be challenged, and move intelligently, sustainably, and without pain.

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What Customers Say


“Ahilya’s class is a treat for body and mind!

I love the way it’s structured, with a clear focus on each of the large muscle groups and an energising flow from one segment to the next — it’s easy to follow, feels super effective, and the exercises are a great mix of classics and fun variations I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

While exuding a wonderful calm and confidence, Ahilya is very good at noticing everyone in class and swiftly moving around the room to correct people in a thoughtful and kind manner. She’s good about incorporating a focus on breathing, and her music choices are spot on! Great rhythm and great vibes in class — all students felt happy, even though we were struggling!"

Camilla Christensen (right)
Body Sculpt Group Class client

Testimonial of Ivy

"Ahilya’s Body Sculpt class (both online and at Core Collective Dempsey) is the best full body workout I have taken. It combines everything

I love into one class: a highly effective HIIT structure with a Pilates-like toning focus and an appreciation for controlled and consistent breath in movement. I love how focused and challenging the class is; each muscle group has timed movement intervals and then it’s on to the next, which keeps the pace upbeat, fun, and interesting—while sweating bullets! If a movement is a hard, well it’s only 30 seconds, then 10, then you’re done, you did it! It makes you feel good accomplishing small victories throughout so you feel motivated to keep going.

I also appreciate how alternatives are offered throughout the class and how there are many low impact exercises, making the class accessible for anyone to participate in - that’s so hard to find in a great class. Since there is also an emphasis on deep stretching in Body Sculpt, I’ve never been in pain the next day, which shows how each class is curated with care for ongoing movement health beyond the designated class time.

I’m always thankful for Ahilya’s positive energy, genuine encouragement, and attention to detail when adjusting form to make sure everyone is safe throughout the class. I look forward to Body Sculpt each week for all of these reasons and I’m truly grateful for a class that leaves me feeling strong, inspired, and empowered."

Ivy Hurwit (left)
Body Sculpt Group Class client