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Acting Up

About Acting Up

Acting Up is a non-profit and social enterprise that provides multi-modal, creative arts therapy and interventions for emotionally vulnerable persons. They work artistically and therapeutically with clients of all ages

Their area of specialization is working with youth and young adults (aged 11 – 35) and meaningfully engaging the people involved in their care. They also hold mental health advocacy showcases using the arts as a form of outreach. 

Acting Up serves as a preventive and rehabilitative support for the community. They also provide and create community-based job opportunities for their clients and beneficiaries after graduation from therapeutic programmes

Their services and programmes include:

  • Individual and small group multimodal arts therapy
  • Training for professionals and caregivers
  • Targeted and customized workshops
  • Short and long-term preventive and rehabilitative programmes
  • Mentorship and employment opportunities for youth at risk
  • Mental health advocacy events and projects

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Marissa Teo

Marissa Teo (AThR) is a Multimodal, creative arts therapist and the founder of Acting Up. Her qualifications include a Master of Arts in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy. She is a registered therapist under the Australia New Zealand Asia Creative Arts Therapists Association (ANZACATA). 

Marissa uses all forms of the arts to engage her clients in therapy, such as music, drama, dance and visual art. Her therapeutic practice allows emotional expression using any modality the clients feel comfortable with. 

In her years as a therapist, she has worked therapeutically and artistically with emotionally vulnerable youth in Singapore. Her programmes have seen much success in the areas of anxiety management, emotional expression/regulation and adaptive coping. 

Marissa’s programmes have seen much success in reaching out to youth-at-risk, particularly in institutions such as ITE, Singapore Polytechnic and the Community Rehabilitation Centre. In 2018, Marissa was nominated as a finalist for the National Youth Entrepreneur Awards (NYEA 2018). She has a strong passion to work with youth; creating fun, engaging and safe methods to address their emotional issues