Core Collective is a team of active and like-minded individuals who embrace the ethos of providing a community space for professionals who are keen to start out on their own, expand their existing businesses or collaborate with other fitness and wellness professionals.

If you believe in care for your clients as the driving force behind what you practice, Core Collective is the community for you.

“I believe the multidisciplinary space that Core Collective is providing will allow me to engage and complement other health professionals in order to provide all patients the best service and care available in Singapore.”
Dr Kevin Tomassini
Core Collective Core Resident
“I am delighted to be partnering with Core Collective in this new and exciting venture. I have seen the co-working space grow so quickly over the last few years and a wellness community had to be the obvious next step.”
Dr Tim Errington
Core Collective Core Resident
“I see Core Collective as a partner that makes my business offering more complete, streamlined and competitive - not only improving my business performance but also freeing up my time to focus my energy on planning, growth and development.”
Caoimhe M Smyth
Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Advisor and Speaker
Core Collective Resident
“I believe in Core Collective’s vision to help individuals aim to be fit, increase endurance and encourage a healthy lifestyle.”
Reynaldo Caitom Jr
Boxing Coach
Core Collective Core Resident