Core Collective aims to deliver the best fitness and wellness services in Singapore by providing our members with the essential care and attention that is second to none.

We know that you care enough for yourselves to make fitness and wellness your preferred lifestyle.

Dr. Kevin Tomassini
Chiropractor, Wellness Speaker, Fitness Expert
Specialises in Posture & Spinal Correction, Physiotherapy & Nutrition
Dr. Tomassini is a Core Resident at Core Collective based at the wellness floor on L21. He focuses on providing holistic care by integrating Chiropractic, physical therapy, nutritional consultancies, and exercise routines. Being an educator at heart, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others at regular wellness workshops and health talks. Get in touch with Dr. Tomassini today!
Caoimhe M Smyth
Specialises in Nutrition & Wellness
Caoimhe is the founder of Nutrition & Wellness Consultancy - Fit Lean Green. She practices a dynamic approach to health and wellness, and focuses on empowering you to reach your optimal health and performance goals through the intelligent use of food, movement and lifestyle choices. Book your first consultation session with Caoimhe to find out more!