Aurum is a space and business innovator with a focus on the future of people. It is the core of a trusted network of communities — creating opportunities across diverse industries for businesses, professionals and individuals seeking growth in Singapore and beyond. Aurum’s various divisions include Aurum Land, Aurum Investments, Collision 8 and Core Collective.

Our Vision

Core Collective is a collaborative centre for fitness and wellness professionals and enthusiasts, anchored on the philosophy of care. We cater to busy professionals in downtown Singapore, providing them access to a full range of fitness and wellness programmes to rejuvenate both mind and body. At Core Collective, we believe in fostering entrepreneurship and facilitating the sharing of knowledge amongst our resident community of fitness and wellness professionals - integrating cross-industry expertise within a curated environment for the benefit of our members.

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our values

Core Collective believes in empowering from within. By getting the fundamentals right, for a life we hope to have.


There is strength in unity. Core Collective is also about the coming together of like-minded individuals. Together, we can be stronger versions of ourselves.


Life is about getting stronger and better. Change is in our hands. Core Collective gives you the power to make life better for yourself.


Ultimately, we are human. We dream, we sweat, we push ourselves, we want to live longer and better lives. It’s about understanding what it means to be human.


Core Collective brings together a multidisciplinary team of fitness and wellness professionals with the common philosophy of care. Our community believes in a holistic approach to health, where fitness and wellness is the lifestyle we all embrace for the betterment of both mind and body.

Our services range from physiotherapy to alternative medicine, and from yoga classes to personal training.